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Who is Malik Infotech?

We are Enterprise Security-focused consulting company. Our Professional Services include:

What does Malik Infotech do best?

As the universe of potential cyber threats continues to expand with greater speed, you need some form of cyber security services to protect every point of vulnerability. Malik Infotech can provide value and expertise in everything from security strategy and risk management to network penetration testing and security architecture design.

Why choose Malik Infotech?

Every element in your organization helps play a key role in securing your enterprise infrastructure. People, process and technology must work together to maximize effectiveness when it comes to protecting your data and assets. Meeting this goal means that your enterprise architecture must be aligned with your business needs so that decisions and enforcement are consistent throughout the IT environment. At Malik Infotech, we translate your business and security vision into effective enterprise transformation. We assist organizations by planning and supporting structured, coordinated activity to secure resources, enhance the continuous flow of information and ensure continuity in the face of change. By creating, communicating and optimizing your key security requirements, principles and operating models, we help you evolve your organization and attain a better future state.

Our Customers?

Our customers expect a lot from us - and they should. At Malik Infotech, our success relies heavily on the success of our partners and clients.

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